• La Criée, centre d'art contemporain, Rennes (FR)
  • MMCA Changdong, Seoul(KR)
Installation, 2015
Tissus divers, hanboks et kimonos, clochettes en céramique, 2m x 3m
FR Noritapis est un tapis de jeu rassemblant plusieurs jeux traditionnels coréens

EN During her residency in Korea, Saintagnan took up the question of free time and the activities that fill it. Saintagnan systematically visited local museums and traditional villages, hiked in the mountains of Seoul, walked along the River Han, took classes in ceramics, and learned to play traditional Korean games like Yut Nori and Gonu Nori. All these experiences fed Saintagnan's installation, which is a kind of diorama: the reconstruciton of an imaginary traditional scene set around a large game board, where the pieces (normally string beans) are replaced by ceramic bells.